In the process of building excellence since 1975, we have accumulated an impressive list of satisfied clients over the years. Previous & Current success stories include:

S.No. Name of the Work  Status Agreement No. Name of Employer/ Client Value (Lac)
1 Construction of adit-II to HRT-Dikchu H.E.Project for Dikchu Hydro Electric Project in the state of Sikkim WIP DHE/WO/HO/2011/08 B, 15.01.12 Haridwar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 2,045.00
2 Drilling & Grouting for Barrage on River Son in Kawtar Village, Anuppur , Madhya Pradesh. WIP IECCL/H.O/MB/208, 27.03.2012 IL&FS 120.11
3 Construction of Drift 4.55m dia,for Chirgaon HEP (60 MW), Shimla, Himachal Peadesh WIP HPPCL/HOP-CM-HEP/2011-12/8309-13, 27.03.2012 Himachal Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. 267.88
4 Construction of Test Adit  Tunnel WIP CHPCL/RGHEP/01-2068/69, 22.12.11 Rasuwagadhi Hydropower Company Ltd. Nepal 676.86
5 Construction of Power House and Transformer Cavern (Civil Works) for Dikchu Hydro Electric Project in the state of Sikkim WIP DHE/WO/HO/2011/01 B, 25.11.11 Haridwar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad 3,251.00
6 Civil works for underground powerhouse of Sorang Hydro Electric power scheme (100MW) Dist Kinnnur, Himachal Pradesh. Completed SSJV/AGR/2007-08 MNS Consortium /Himachal Sorang Hydro Power Ltd. 2,800.00
7 Construction of Access Tunneling works for Dikchu Hydro-Electric Project in the State of Sikkim Completed DHEP/WO/HO/2011/01 A Haridwar Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 870.00
8 Drilling and Grouting of Dam & Tunnels and Desanding Chambers of Large Hydro Electric Project Under H.P.S.E.B Himachal Pradesh Completed Date: 05-05-99 HPSEB/ SSJV 720.00
9 Construction of Test Adit Tunnel, Rasuwagadhi Hydroelectric Project ITB No. CHPCL/RGHEP/01-2068/69 Completed 068/69-09, 22.12.11 Chilime Hydropower company Limited, Nepal 677.00
10 Drilling & Grouting of Head Race Tunnel of Indaravati Hydro Electric Power Project, Orissa. Completed Date: 11-10-95 Orissa Hydro Corp/Trafalgar Satyam Shankaranarayan 350.00
11 Kuri Gongri HEP Completed NH/KGHEP/CE/TS-50.52,59,60,65 The Chief Engineer, Kuri-Gongri HEP NHPC, Bhutan 344.17
12 Excavation & Lining of 1km HRT Horse shoe 2.6m finished of 9MW Project for Paschim Hydro Energy Pvt. Ltd Kadamane Mini Hydel Scheme Completed S16P/BNG/Kadamane-I 04/05 Date 21-02-05 Paschim Hydro Energy Pvt.Ltd 300.00
13 Odex drilling & grouting for upstream  and down stream coffer dam of Tapovan Vishnu gad HEP (NTPC) Uttarakhand Completed SSJVPPL/BNG/2007-08 WO /034  dt 22.12.07 N.T.P.C. / S.S.J.V. 300.00
14 Drilling, Grouting of Dams and Tunnel excavation at Kalpong Hydro Power Project NHPC, Diglipur, North Andamans. Completed Date: 01-03-98 NHPC/ SSJV 200.00
15 Odex  Drilling & Grouting work of Cofferdam at Parbati HEP, Sainj, Dist Kullu,  with L & T Completed 1399 dt 02.05.07 NHPC/ L&T 180.00
16 Working With the Team of TBM Operators in Parvati.H.E. Project Stage II, Sheelgadh, Dist Kullu (H.P) Client SSJV (NHPC) Completed 41033 NHPC/HJV 100.00
17 Drilling & Grouting work at Mannapitlu Mini Hydel Scheme Completed BPP/Civil/002/2005-06 29.11.06 Bobba Aviation & Power Pvt.Ltd 90.00
18 Drilling and Grouting of Dam at Rajeev Sagar Dam Project, Dist. Guna, Madhya Pradesh. Completed Date: 21-04-99 Madya Pradesh Irrigation dept 90.00
19 Drilling & Grouting work at Hullahall Mini Hydel Scheme Completed 11.12.2006 Edco Power 80.00
20 Drilling and Grouting of Masonary in Indravati Masonary Dam. Completed 6030 Date: 5-11-85 Indravati Project Govt. of Orissa 79.00
21 Excavation of drainage tunnel and Cut & Cover channel of Kolab Dam Project. Completed Date: 16-07-92 State Govt of Orissa/ OCC 53.00
22 Civil works for construction of retaining walls, concrete wall at Ppower House for Dikchu HEP, Sikkim. Completed SKPPL/WO/HO/2010-11/94, 14.10.11 Sneha Kinetic Power Projects Private Ltd., Hyderabad 42.00
23 Drilling & Grouting of Bansagar Dam foundation Completed Date: 14-06-91 M.P. Irrigation Dept/SEW 32.00
24 Gallery drilling, testing and consolidation of upper Kolab Dam. Completed 5618, Date: 04-06-91 Orissa Const Corpn 28.00
25 Foundation grouting for seepage control of Mangalam Timbers, Nowrangapur. Completed Date: 11-02-93 Mangalam Timbers Ltd 25.00
26 Repair of HRT during lean season by providing high performance concrete, rock anchor, drilling and grouting, rock anchor, drilling and grouting. Completed NH/CPS-I/P&C/W-573/2011-12/598, 08.11.11 NHPC Limited, Chamba (HP) 27.00
27 Foundation Grouting with epoxy chemicals to control seepage at Visakhapatnam Plant. Completed Date: 01-12-91 Vizag Steel Plant 21.00
28 Drilling and Consolidation of Elevator Shaft at Upper Kolab Dam Reach-I Completed 11F2/88-89, Date: 04-07-88 Orissa Const Corpn 21.00
29 Drilling & Grouting of Hati Barrage at Mangapur Completed 3820/M, Date: 14-07-87 Govt. of Orissa Irrigation Dept 19.00
30 Secondary Concreting (Guniting) of Upper Kolab Dam Completed 4823 Date: 7-6-86 HCC 18.00
31 Drilling, Testing and Grouting of the Spillway. Completed UKI/DB/VII/1685, 1278 04.02.86 HCC 15.00
32 Drilling and Grouting to the Foundation of Satiguda dam. Completed UKI/DB/VII/16/85, 1154. 29-01-86 Upper Kolab Project 12.11
33 Consolidation Drilling and of Terminal Tunnel to pipe Trench of Upper Kolab Power house. Completed DB/89-90/8536, Date: 03-12-90 Orissa Const Corpn 11.00
34 Permeability test analysis for Earth Dams of Mud pond Reservoir of NALCO. Completed Date: 01-12-91 NALCO 9.00
35 Drilling and consolidation of Elevator Shaft at upper Kolab Dam Reach-II Completed 11F2/88-89, Date: 4-7-88 Orissa Const Corpn 9.00
36 Drilling and Grouting of Hati Barrage at Mangapur. Completed 3039, Date: 03-06-86 Govt of Orissa 7.28
37 Drilling and Grouting to the foundation of the spillway of Satiguda Dam Completed UKI/DB/VII/16/85,8633,12-07-85 Upper Kolab Project 2.45
38 Diamond Drilling in overburden for Jaganathpur M.I.P. Completed 23E2/82-83/E.E., Date: 9-3-82 Govt. of Orissa Minor Irrigation Dept 2.35
39 Drilling for Exploration Purpose for Irrigation Project Completed 1356, Date: 22-02-80 Govt. of Orissa Minor Irrigation Dept 2.03
40 Drilling, Water loss Testing and Grouting for Bagirihola M.I.P. in Kashipur Block Completed 6449, Date: 29-11-84 Govt. of Orissa Minor Irrigation Dept 1.95
41 Grouting of spillway gallery of Senmohakandane M.I.P. Completed 2553, Date: 6-4-82 Govt. of Orissa Minor Irrigation Dept 1.79